1: Scholarships

Peter Dale, Director, St Peter’s International College

The cost of studying abroad – be it an undergraduate or Master’s degree – should regarded as in investment, rather than an expense. Numerous research studies have shown that students with international degrees, especially from prestigious, ranked universities, can expect to earn significantly more than other students over the course of their career. So their initial investment in studying abroad is recovered many times over.

Despite this encouraging news for the future, many students have difficulty saving or borrowing for the initial investment in their studies. One way of reducing this cost is to apply for a scholarship.

Two kinds of scholarships

The NCUK consortium of 16 leading British universities offer a wide range of scholarships for international students, mainly through its partner universities themselves. These scholarships can be divided into two kinds: automatic scholarships and scholarships based on academic performance.

Automatic scholarships are awarded to students who qualify for our partner universities by taking the NCUK International Foundation Year (IFY). In Colombia, St Peter’s International College in Bogotá is the only centre authorised to offer this IFY programme. Examples of typical automatic scholarships are from Liverpool John Moores and Manchester Metropolitan universities.

Scholarships based on academic performance or academic excellence are awarded to students who demonstrate, normally through their IFY results, outstanding ability or potential. These scholarships tend to be larger, up to 50% of tuition fees. Good examples of academic scholarships are from Sheffield, Bradford and Salford universities.

In 2017 two St Peter’s students, Santiago Camacho and José Muñetón, won the coveted Sheffield University scholarships for outstanding Latin American students. Worth more than 40 million pesos a year, the scholarships have had a significant positive impact on the cost of study for Santiago, who is studying Civil Engineering, and José, who is studying Physics.

Other special scholarships

Some universities offer special scholarships for applicants who are talented in Sports. Both Liverpool John Moores and Manchester Metropolitan universities offer significant support for students who show outstanding ability in their chose fields.

Postgraduate students can also apply to scholarships funds such as the Chevening Scholarships, Rotary Club scholarships and the Banco Santander awards. Part-funding is also available from Colombian entities such as Colfuturo and Icetex.

In summary, a scholarship can have an important impact on your finances, whether it be a relatively small automatic discount or a substantial reduction in fees. You can find details of all available NCUK university scholarships on the NCUK website (www.ncuk.ac.uk) or by visiting each university webpage. Or contact us at St Peter’s for details.


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