These are the schools in Colombia that are affiliated with NCUK

A new certification for outstanding Colombian schools who offer:

Bilingual education, where students typically graduate with a B1 or better level of English

International education opportunities for their students



Training in UK higher education (through seminars and sessions 1-1)

  • Training seminars at St Peter’s or at school
  • Conference

Familiarisation trips to the UK

  • For schools that provide the majority of IFY students

Online Conferences for NCUK University Students

Seminars in UK university schools

Teacher training (for English teachers and teachers of other subjects in English)

  • By experts from the United Kingdom

Recruitment of teachers (native speakers)

  • According to the needs and budget of the school

Prestige of being recognised by a consortium of leading universities in the UK

  • Certification

Student Placement Support

  • Guidance on progression to universities in the UK and other English-speaking countries

San Pedro Debate Society - for 10th and 11th grade students

  • 2 sessions per month from October to May

NCUK Mathematics Preparation Program - for 10th and 11th grade students

  • Access to this program with special rates

Discounts for Pre-Masters Programme staff - preparation for the UK

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