The United Kingdom has become one of the main destinations for Latin Americans who want to pursue a Master’s degree abroad. The quality and prestige of the universities, together with the historical and cultural attractions of the country, make the British university the first choice for postgraduate studies.


There are several barriers for those who have this dream of completing their postgraduate studies in England:

  • Do not feel strong in English – getting a visa to study for a Master’s degree in the UK requires a minimum IELTS of 6.5, many times more
  • Weaknesses in Self-Learning – successfully studying a British Master’s degree requires Independent Learning skills, including research project preparation, skills that many Colombian university graduates do not possess
  • Lack of experience in writing Theses and Dissertations – these are key elements of a Master’s degree and require appropriate training
  • Fear of the unknown – the process of finding and applying for a Master’s degree in another country and in a different language is not easy
  • Lack of financial resources – options such as Colfuturo and Icetex, among others, have helped finance the dream of many Colombians, but financial barriers still exist
  • With all these barriers in mind, St Peter’s International College, together with NCUK, has launched the new PRE-MASTERS PROGRAMME (PMP) for Colombian students who want to study for a Masters degree in the UK.


It is an Integral Preparation that offers the Master’s candidate:

  1. Refine your academic skills – research techniques, thesis preparation and writing, among many others.
  2. Improve your English – focused training in English for Academic
  3. Purposes, which helps you reach the necessary visa levels
  4. Complete application support – we help you find the ideal
  5. Master’s degree and support you through the entire application process to the selected university
  6. Full support when applying for a visa to study in the UK


It is a 20-week face-to-face program, held at St Peter’s International College, Carrera 7, #173-02, Bogotá, with a schedule of 10 hours per week, all taught in English.


$14,000,000 COP plus a cost of $1,000,000 COP for the registration.


ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES (English for Academic Purposes)

The aim of this module is to give you the EAP skills you need to succeed in a postgraduate degree at a British university.

Through 7 contact hours each week you will be able to develop your academic Reading, Writing and Listening skills, as well as Presentation skills.

You will have ongoing assessment assignments, including a dissertation, as well as final exams at EAP.

RESEARCH METHODS, Data Analysis & Project Planning

These classes help you plan a Research Project, conduct research and write a dissertation. The dissertation will be an independent work, although you will have a tutor who will support you in planning, content and structure.


Worldwide, the PMP Program has a 91% success rate (pass). Students proceed to study in a wide range of graduate degrees at NCUK and other universities. Here’s a sample of a variety of careers:

• MSc Finance and Accounting at University of Bradford

• MSc Forensic & Analytical Science at University of Huddersfield

• MA Education at University of Leeds

• MA Filmmaking at Leeds Beckett University

• MSc Product Design & Management at University of Liverpool

• MSc Digital Marketing at Liverpool John Moores University

• MSc Human Resource Management at University of Manchester

• MSc Computing at Manchester Metropolitan University

• MA Media Production at University of Salford

• MSc Economics at University of Sheffield

• MSc Urban Planning at Sheffield Hallam University

Paola and Giovanny tell you their story of their time at St Peter’s and how they arrived at Sheffield University.

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