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St Peter’s te invita el próximo sábado 26 de Enero a partir de las 09:00 a.m a conocer todos los detalles de nuestros programas y como nuestros programas te brindan la ruta garantizada para acceder a la universidad en Inglaterra, Estados Unidos, Australia, Canadá y Nueva Zelanda!

En el evento contaremos con la presencia de la representante regional de NCUK y acompañamiento de la Embajada Británica de Bogotá.

 LUGAR: Hotel Hampton by Hilton / Cra 7a # 118 – 30

HORA: 09:00 a 12:00

DÍA: Sábado 26 de enero


Confirma tu asistencia! 

315 763 50 23   /    [email protected]

St Peter’s offers the best university preparation programmes, designed by the NCUK group of British universities to help Colombian and other Latin American students succeed at UK universities.

St Peter’s is a university academic institution based in Bogotá, Colombia. Face-to-face classes.

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Study your degree in England.

First year begins in Colombia with St Peter’s

Guaranteed Access

If you pass your programme at St Peter’s, you are guaranteed a place at one of our universities.

Plenty of courses to choose from

More than 4,000 degrees at the UK’s top universities. From the Arts, Humanities and Law to Engineering, Science and Technology, Business, Finance and Marketing, NCUK and St Peter’s have all their options covered – find the right one for you.

Since 2014 St Peter’s has been offering the Foundation Year to students from all over Colombia. Our first cohort of graduates are close to successfully completing their university careers in England this year 2018.

Starting in 2018, St Peter’s is offering the Pre-Masters Programme, aimed at the growing number of postgraduate students wishing to pursue a postgraduate degree in the UK. The UK has been the number one or two destination for scholarship colombian masters students over the last three years.

Academic Quality

“At the prestigious NCUK Prize Awards 2017, St Peter’s was highly recognized in the category of Academic Excellence. This means that St Peter’s is one of the top three NCUK centres in a group of over 50 centres..”

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We offer scholarships to students with a record of academic excellence and who can demonstrate financial need. Our partners, NCUK, also offer scholarships for studies in the UK.

Undergraduate or Master's Program

We offer a one-year programme for students who wish to study for their undergraduate degree in the UK and a preparatory course for students interested in a Masters degree in the UK.

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  1: Scholarships Peter Dale, Director, St Peter’s International College The cost of studying abroad – be it an undergraduate or Master’s degree – should regarded as in investment, rather than an expense. Numerous research studies have shown that students with...

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