• St Peter's International College, Bogota

    Your Passport to the Best UK and other International University Education

    St Peter’s International College was established to facilitate the access for Latin-American students to a British education. Now we offer a pathway to University Education in the UK, US and Australia.


    By offering the International Foundation Year in Bogotá, the first of its kind in Latin America, St Peter’s allows many students to live and study locally, with reduced tuition fees, but with the same quality of education that they would receive in the UK and other top english-speaking institutions around the world.


    We are now launching a new programme to prepare students for postgraduate studies in the UK with our Pre-Masters Programme which focuses on language and research skills.


    Most importantly, the St Peter’s International Foundation Year course guarantees the student entry to some of the UK’s most prestigious universities through our University backed partner NCUK, depending on students' successful completion of the course.


    NCUK is an educational charity, owned by sixteen leading UK universities, which provides pre-university courses for international students as preparation for study outside of their home country.


  • What Our Students Have to Say!

    Listen to what the first St Peter's graduates have to say about the college

    Now graduated, our students head to the UK to study Economics at the University of Sheffield and Music Technology at Leeds Beckett University.

    From St Peter's to Sheffield University, our students look back at their experience at St Peter's and talk about how they have found being a student in the UK.

  • In the News

    Canal Uno

    Our director was recently interviewed on national TV - watch the interview here.

    NCUK celebrates 30 Years with St Peter's

    Over 60 people attended the even at the British Ambassador's residence in Bogotá. The event was covered by El Nuevo Siglo and La República.


    We currently offer two programmes: the International Foundation Year for undergraduate studies and we are preparing for the launch of our Pre-Masters course for postgraduate studies in the UK.

  • International Foundation Year Programme

    Begin your International University studies in Bogota

    Guaranteed Entry

    Those students who complete successfully their International Foundation Year at St Peter’s will be guaranteed entry to any one of the 16 NCUK partner universities:


    Aston University, University of Birmingham, University of Bradford, University of Bristol, University of Huddersfield, University of Kent, Kingston University, University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett University, Liverpool John Moores University, University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, Queen Mary University of London, University of Salford, University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.


    The minimum grades required in order to be eligible for the NCUK guarantee are based on results in subject modules plus EAP (English for Academic Purposes) or Key Skills.


    The only exclusions from the NCUK guarantee are Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing.


    Your International Foundation Year from St Peter’s is also recognised by many other universities in the UK and other English-speaking countries.

    Dates and Costs

    The foundation programme at St.Peter's will start in October 2017 and run until June 2018. The timetable is as follows:



    1st Semester: Starts October 2017

    2nd Semester: Starts February 2018


    The cost of your International Foundation Year at St Peter’s will be $24,800,000 COP per year.


    An early payment discount might be available if fees are paid in full early.

    Scholarships for the Best Students


    Consistent with our aim to make UK university education more accessible for Latin American students, St Peter’s together with our partners NCUK have designed a series of scholarships to help worthy students enter our International Foundation Year programme.


    These scholarships will be awarded on a discretionary basis, according to the quality and worth of the applications received.


    To apply for the Discretionary Scholarships, students should complete the Scholarship Application Form then send it to info@stpeterscollege.org.


    Download the form here.

    Schedules to Suit You


    The St Peter’s IFY course consists of two 15-week terms. As a student you will have an afternoon timetable, Monday to Friday, with occasional Saturday morning sessions. This means that you will have enough time for private study and alternative activities during your Foundation Year.

    Our Programmes


    St Peter's is currently offering two different International Foundation Year programmes; one is the the Business IFY and the other is the Engineering IFY. Find below more information on how the programme works and what you should expect from the course.

    Business IFY

    If you are interested in a wider range of Humanities and Business degrees - and want to study a Maths module in the IFY - you should follow the IFY Business Stream. This will give you access to the same UK degrees as the IFY Humanities Stream, and a wide range of additional degrees.


    After completing this course students can go on to study a number of degrees including: Business, Accountancy, Finance, Architecture, Economics, Management, International Management, IT Management, Politics, Sociology, Geography and many others.

    Engineering IFY

    If you are interested in an Engineering degree, you should follow the IFY Engineering Stream. This will give you access to virtually all Engineering degrees. In addition, if you study the IFY Engineering Stream you can also be placed on most of the same UK Degrees as the IFY Humanities Stream and the IFY Business Stream.


    After completing this course students can go on to study a number of degrees including: Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Software Engineering and many others.

  • Our Modules

    If you want to start your degree studies in the UK, these modules will give you the right level of English language and a solid set of study skills so you can start learning right away. In general, students who have done an NCUK International Foundation Year get a better than average degree at a UK university, so we are confident that you will be totally prepared at the end of your IFY year!

    English for Academic Purposes (EAP)


    Our specialist English for Academic Purposes module is designed to give you the language ability and study skills that will give you a head start on your undergraduate degree in the UK.

    Placement Tutorials


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    British Culture


    This complementary module will help you to understand and enjoy many aspects of British culture, from Politics and History, to Film, Food and Music.



    This module with equip you with the mathematical knowledge and skills necessary for entry to the first year of any UK/Western undergraduate degree course.

    Society and Politics


    The overall aim of this module is to ensure that students have a solid grounding in many aspects of the study of society and politics and feel confident in undertaking undergraduate studies in this field.



    This module will provide you with an introduction to the basic economic concepts and principles. Reference is mainly to the UK experience in preparation for studying with British students at university.  The first semester will deal with “micro” economic issues and the second semester will deal with “macro” economic issues.



    This module will cover topics such as mechanics, electricity, vibrations and waves, thermal physics, nuclear physics and fields. The aim of the module is to develop theoretical knowledge and be able to apply it to practical exercises.

    Further Maths


    This module is an extension of the mathematics module and all of its content will be taken as assumed knowledge. Some of the topics it covers are complex numbers, matrices, series, mechanics, hyperbolic functions, kinematics, further dynamics, etc.




    This module is intended to give the student a firm grounding in many aspects of Chemistry some of its topics are atomic structure and atomic mass, electronic structure of atoms, and the periodic table,

    molarity and balanced equations, oxidation and reduction, etc.


  • Pre-Masters Programme

    Your passport to the best Masters programmes in the UK.


    The UK has become one of the main destinations for postgraduate studies for Latin American students. The quality and prestige of the universities, together with the historic and cultural traditions of the country, make it the perfect destination for a Masters abroad.

    Only counting students with the support of Colfuturo, over 300 from Colombia went to the UK in 2015 to carry out postgraduate degrees and have returned with a qualification that is sure to open many doors for them.


    There is a growing number of students that want to walk the same path as these successful Colombian students, but there are still many barriers that exist to achieving this dream:


    • Their level of English is not good enough - to apply for a visa to study a Masters degree, students need a 6.5 IELTS score as a minimum.
    • Weaknesses in Learning Styles - studying with success in the UK requires strong independent learning skills, which includes preparation and planning for research, which many Colombian graduates do not have.
    • Lack of Experience in Academic Writing - writing a thesis or dissertation is a key part of a postgraduate degree in the UK and many students have no previous experience with this type of project.
    • Fear of the Unknown - the process of looking for and applying to a course in a different country and language can be daunting.
    • Lack of Finances - options such as Colfuturo and Icetex have helped many dreams come true, but there are still some financial barriers to learning. 

    Taking into account all of these barriers, St Peter's International College, together with NCUK, are launching a new Pre-Masters Programme (PMP) for Colombian students who are thinking of carrying out postgraduate studies in the UK.

    What it Offers

    The Programme is a rounded course which offers the candidate the opportunity to:

    1. Enhance their academic abilities such as research techniques, preparation and thesis writing, among others.
    2. Improve English language skills - focused training in English for Academic Purposes that will help you achieve the level necessary for the visa.
    3. Get full support and advice during the application - we will help you find the perfect course.and will support you throughout the application process.
    4. Have full support from us in the visa process.

    How it Works

    The programme lasts 20 weeks and is carried out at St Peter's International College in Bogota. Each week will have 10 hours of face-to-face classes, all taught in English.


    Weekly Timetable

    Tuesdays 6.30 - 9.30pm

    Thursday 6.30 - 9.30 pm

    Saturday 8 - 12am


    The course is made up of two core modules:



    The objective of this class is to give you the skills in English and Academic Writing that are needed to successfully complete a postgraduate degree at a British University. Through 7 hours of contact time a week you will be able to develop your academic skills such as reading, writing and listening as well as presentation skills. You will have continuous assessment, including a short dissertation, as well as final EAP exams.



    Data Analysis & Project Planning

    These classes will help you plan and carry out a research project and write a dissertation. The dissertation will be an example of independent work although you will have a tutor that will give you support with planning and will help you with content and structure.

    Which Universities and Courses

    At a global level the PMP Programme has a success rate of 91%. Students move on to sutdy a wide range of courses at NCUK universities and others. Here is a selection of some popular courses: 

    • MSc Finance and Accounting at University of Bradford

    • MSc Forensic & Analytical Science at University of Huddersfield

    • MA Education at University of Leeds

    • MA Filmmaking at Leeds Beckett University

    • MSc Product Design & Management at University of Liverpool

    • MSc Digital Marketing at Liverpool John Moores University

    • MSc Human Resource Management at University of Manchester

    • MSc Computing at Manchester Metropolitan University

    • MA Media Production at University of Salford

    • MSc Economics at University of Sheffield

    • MSc Urban Planning at Sheffield Hallam University

    Costs and Scholarships

    $10.000.000 COP plus registration fee of $1.000.000 COP


  • To apply to St Peter's Foundation Year follow the next steps:

    1. Fill out our simple online application form.
    2. Send a copy of your High School graduation certificate or latest school grades if you are still at school.

    3. Send a copy of your IELTS, TOEFL or equivalent exam if you have it.**

    4. Send the documents to: info@stpeterscollege.org

    Within 2 days you will be notified if your application has been successful.


    **At least 5.0 in IELTS or 62 in TOEFL iBT. If you don't have either of these qualifications, you wall have to take NCUK's online Password test.

    To apply to St Peter's Pre-Master's Programme follow the next steps:

    1. Fill out our simple online application form.
    2. Send the documents to: info@stpeterscollege.org

    Within 2 days you will be notified if your application has been successful.


    Open Days are a great way to learn about what St Peter's International College has to offer. You will be able to see the space in which you will be learning as well as meet some of the teachers and students who currently study with us. It is also a great opportunity for you to ask questions and for us to learn more about you.


    We highly encourage all students who are interested in doing a course to attend an Open Day.

  • Our Partnership with NCUK

    NCUK was formed in 1987 to deliver highly successful “pathway programmes” to students who wish to study at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the UK and globally. So far, NCUK has helped over 22,000 students to progress onto degree courses through our world-class programmes.


    We are a unique organisation of 16 leading UK universities. Our programmes are developed in partnership with these universities. In addition our programmes also include the English for Academic Purposes module that means students learn the English they need to study in a UK university – before they arrive.

     Your Assurance of Quality

    "All of our programmes are created in conjunction with our founder universities, and all of them are designed to give you the skills you need to get your UK studies off to a flying start. Our programmes are obviously recognised and accepted by our universities, but the majority of universities around the world also recognise them. Our programmes give you a globally portable qualification."

    The NCUK Experience

    "St Peter’s International College is approved to deliver the NCUK International Foundation Year by us, and offers outstanding academic and social facilities, giving you access to a stimulating and safe learning environment. All staff are fully qualified and are experts in their field."


    Dr Gareth Evans 

    Academic Director NCUK

  • Our Partner Universities

    These universities, through NCUK, will give you guaranteed (subject to passing the course) entry to the course of your choice!

    University of Bradford

    Making Knowledge Work

    • Modern instalations, including the new Health Building.

    • Student accomodation "The Green", rated the most sustainable development in the world.

    • One of the world’s largest university centres devoted exclusively to Peace Studies and International Development.

    NCUK IFY students have the choice of 161 undergraduate degree courses at the University of Bradford.

    University of Huddersfield

    Succesful, Innovative and Modern

    • Ranked first in th world for student satisfaction (ISB Summer 2011).
    • Top 10 provide of courses that include a paid work placement.
    • Great facilities - at least £100 million spent in last 10 years.

    NCUK IFY students have the choice of 111 undergraduate degress at the University of Huddersfield

    University of Leeds

    Integrating Research, Learning and Teaching

    • One of the leading universities in the UK.
    • World famous for high quality teaching and research.
    • Located in the heart of a vibrant, affordable and student-friendly city.

    NCUK IFY students have the choice of 174 undergraduate degree courses at the 

    University of Leeds

    Leeds Beckett University

    Quality, Relevance and Sustainability

    • One of the largest and most popular universities in the UK.
    • Founded in 1824 with over 100 years of quality teaching.
    • Links with global employers such as Disney Channels EMEA, KPMG, Manchester United, Redmayne-Bentley, 3M and Omerta Game Ltd. 

    NCUK IFY students have the choice of 106 undergraduate degree courses at Leeds   Metropolitan University.

    Liverpool John Moores University

    Dream, plan, achieve

    • Globally unique approach to graduate skills development and work-related learning.
    • Cutting edge technology and facilities, many unique to the UK and Europe.
    • Learning facilities designed to replicate world of work environments.

    NCUK IFY students have the choice of 91 undergraduate degrees at Liverpool John Moores University

    University of Manchester

    World Class Research

    • A dynamic institution with a global reputation.
    • More than 185 years of excellence in research, teaching and innovation.
    • Voted Best Careers Service in the UK.

    NCUK IFY students have the choice of 252 undergraduate degree courses at the

    University of Manchester.

    Manchester Metropolitan University

    The University of World Class Professionals

    • The most popular university in the UK with over 37,000 students.
    • A renowned teaching and research-led university with a history of producing work-ready graduates.
    • World-class facilities following a £350 million programme of investment.

    NCUK IFY students have the choice of 358 undergraduate degree courses at Manchester Metropolitan University.

    University of Salford

    Real World Innovation and Solutions

    • One of the UK’s most enterprising universities.
    • First class reputation for real-world teaching and ground breaking research.
    • Many innovative and applied programmes.

    NCUK IFY students have the choice of 148 undergraduate degree courses at the University of Salford

    University of Sheffield

    To Discover and Understand

    • Global reputation for teaching and research excellence.
    • Exceptional performance in research, teaching, access and business performance.
    • Award-winning student experience.
    • Partnered with world leaders in industry including Boeing and Rolls Royce.

    NCUK IFY students have the choice of 148 undergraduate degree courses at the University of Sheffield.

    Sheffield Hallam University

    Sharpens Your Thinking

    • A large university in a diverse, student-friendly city.
    • Combining expertise, connections with industry and modern facilities.
    • Dedicated Student Support Team voted second in the UK for international student support.

    NCUK IFY students have the choice of 141 undergraduate degree courses at Sheffield

    Hallam University

  • Why study at a UK University?

    Last year, more than 300,000 foreign students studied university education in the UK. Why not be part of that select group?


    There are many reasons why these students preferred the UK to many other destinations. 


    Here are just a few of the main reasons:

    The Student Experience

    For many people the UK is considered to be the centre of the world’s cultural life. The chance to study in the UK means an amazing experience and the chance to form lifelong international contacts and friendships.


    The UK has 4 universities in the TOP 10 universities of the world (World University Rankings 2014-15) and is globally recognised for the high quality of its education.


    There are more than 160 options of university and higher education establishments to choose from.  Our Foundation Year guarantees entry to the 11 NUCK universities, but it also is sufficient to enter many other institutions. This is subject to the successful completion of the course.

    Grant Opportunities

    There are scholarship opportunities available for students who qualify for a UK undergraduate degree through their IFY course. In Colombia Banco Santander offers scholarships with some Universities, and an increasing number of UK universities offer full or partial scholarships to Latin-American students.

    Invest in the Future

    A degree from a UK university is an excellent addition to your CV. Employers and companies throughout the world have a great respect for professionals who have studied in UK universities.

    International Reputation

    The United Kingdom has two of the four oldest universities in the world; Oxford, for example, was founded in 1167. This means that the UK has gained an unrivalled reputation for the quality of its education.

    Access to Europe

    Travelling to the rest of Europe from the UK is very easy and cheap, thanks to low-cost airlines. This offers students the chance to get to know a new continent with its many different cultures and languages. Also, no with new Schengen Visa policies your travels to Europe will be even easier!

    Culture and Tradition

    Studying in another country is a wonderful experience, which will allow you to learn about new cultures and traditions. The UK is full of history, beautiful countryside and towns with amazing architecture. It is also fascinating because of its diverse cultures, especially in the major cities.

    Time Frame

    Most undergraduate degrees in the UK last just 3 years and post-graduate and masters degrees normally last just one year.

    Study and Work

    Currently foreign students in the UK can work for up to 20 hours a week while they study (at undergraduate and postgraduate level).

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